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Reseller : forex - Indonesia


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" Best system ever. Other Forex system don't even come close. No analysis, no complicated decision taking. Just simple, plain signals telling us exactly when to buy and when to sell. Great opportunity for anyone looking for easy income. Hey, and the staff at the helpdesk are helpful in case you have any questions. "
Linda - West Virginia 

" I can recommend this system to anyone. It works as promised, little starting money is needed and you don't have to spend too much time using the program to earn a good income. What is most important in this system for me: it doesn't take any specialized knowledge about Forex to use it successfully. The sell/buy signals are easy to understand and all you need is a computer with access to the Internet. "
Steve B. - New York

" I have made 16 trade with 16 winners and no loss. I have profit over $600 with just a mini lot size trading. That is two week of no stress. With this program I don't have to spend hours at my computer deciding what I should trade or having the fear of make a trade. "
Brian S. - Sydney, Australia

" The program that Forex Signal 30 has designed is both unique and very profitable, the guidelines are very simple and is applicable to all markets. I am having a lot of success personally and I have found the support from George to be fantastic. "
Tony - Ottawa, Canada

" I have tried almost every system out there. I am a trader of over 3 years and know my stuff. There is great profit to be made with trading with the trend on the counter trend like the robot does. I have been testing an account (DEMO) for 6 days. Started with $3,000. Today trading days later... trading 10 pairs.. my account stands at $12,332.08 over $9,000 profit. I don't know about you, but that is good profit for anyone. Almost 300%. "
Martin - New York, USA

" I just checked out your website and saw that you put up my testimonial. It looks really good man. Just to let you know, I already doubled my account again this week and I had to big days. Yesterday I scored 29 pips on the 5 minute chart with 5 separate trades and today I already have 29.1 pips with 4 different trades on the eur/jpy man. It feels good to win and not loose anymore. I just need to remain disciplined and I will become rich.... here's verifiable proof that I made 54.7 pips today man!! "
Hilton Moore - Hawaii

" Hello from Switzerland I started this week, 27. April with Signal30 on the 4 Hours Chart (9 Pairs). One Day later there where 5 Signals, I entered 4 of them. Today it is 30. April and those Trades are still running with 1240 Pips. The Bad News is: it was DEMO... I\'ll trade these Signals Live and report my Real-Traded-Experience. "
Eduardo Fernandez - Switzerland

" I have lost big money from the forex trade, Now I'm earning more money and without lose. This time i don't look any chart because it's 100% every gay follow, we can win. trust forexsignal30. I got today 100 pips (bought eur/usd 1.4040 _ out 1.4140) its work 100% Thanks for your new signal i sold at 1.4180 right now tp is 100 pips THANK YOU VERY MUCH "
Kalai Nadeson - India

Makinde Olusola G. - Abusa

" Wow this system really works i have made about 20 trades and they have all been in profit ..i was not gonna buy the system but i decided to and it is worth the money ..the only things i had to do was set up the charts and that was it , and the customer service is cool also. Please try it out to make some real money. "
Damon Wilson - USA

" Hi George As you know I have been using your signal system since the early versions right up to today extreme version. I have found that the best time frame for my mindset is the 4hr charts,I want the least amount of stress or time tied to a computer. Your signals work very very well if you follow the guidelines exactly to the letter, which means combining them with the Parabolic SAR and Stochastics, the parabolic dot is the best at confirming the trend direction. I have averaged over a 1000 pips a week on 2 pairs on demo over the last few weeks, so its time to start making some money. My best advice to anyone buying your signals is to practice and practice again until it comes naturally DO NOT RUSH IN AND TRADE RIGHT AWAY. Cheers Dave. ps your selling it far too cheaply "
Dave Hartley - UK

" Hello Mr. George, i had finally installed the system i bought from you and i have started making profit from it. I also thank you for sending me the second system when i wrote you that i cannot install the former which i successfully installed. thank you for your kind understanding and my warmest regards to you. "
Samuel Lelomejor - Nigeria

" It is just too good Mr. George. In fact you deserve an award for inventing such a winning system. I made over $3000 in two days on a $5000 account without a single loss. If you think George or the testifiers are making false claims, i challenge you to try it. You will know that you have got a treasure that your money does not worth. Mr. George may God bless and give you more inspirations. "
Mailafia Isaac - Nigeria

" Hi George, your system have proved beyond doubts as the best trading strategy in forex market. I have tried several systems and have lost so much money, this I told you before buying your system and you assured me I will turn in good profit. Since I understood your system I make a minimum of $200 per day, the system is great "
Adebayo Olatiregun - Nigeria

" I use this system just a few days (maybe a week) with virtual account at marketiva. I used 1 Day Timeframe to watch the forex platform because I am busy with my daily activities, so I don't have a time-to-time watching my computer and forex. I tried many strategies that offered by many e-book or forex advisor, but nothing can compare to this trustworthy system. Now I tried to use real money. Thanks for all. "
Anton Kurnia - Indonesia

" Hi, After buying this program for such a cheap price I did not expect much. Boy was I wrong. Since I bought it 2 weeks ago and using it as explained I have not yet had a losing trade. I would recommend this program to everyone I see. It is time for me to make my money back I lost on all the other useless Forex programs. Once again thank you for this great program. I am smiling to the bank everyday "
Chris Deklerk - South Africa

" OK....this is no joke!! I purchased the software, installed it...threw it on the MT4 and watched the red and yellow arrows... that is it! 13 trades in a row pure PROFIT!!! Yes, small profit due to me just starting out, but still in the green! I am 100% satisfied....I'm amazed! Thanks guys! "
Waldemar Lukowski - United States

" I used your indicators yesterday less than 24hrs I made a 1000pips, initially I thought it was crap till I saw for myself. You guys are wonderful E=MC2 Brokers will cry lmao!!!!!!! Richard from Ghana.  "
Richard Kwame - Ghana

" Hello, I am just writing to thank you for sharing your brilliant software and your brilliant knowledge of trading you have put into it. I have been in a bit of financial despair, and as most traders lose their money, I searched and searched for something to help me with my trading, so I can make some money for life. There is so much crap available, and you have so many statements showing your profits it's very encouraging to know that you can trade the lot sizes you do and be confident about your trades. And thank you for making the software affordable! I do know a bit about trading, but just can't seem to bring it together, and needed some confidence and help in getting into trades. I started yesterday with $50 and have already doubled my account, and holding onto 2 trades. It really helps me identify trades. I also notice that the new version with the trend dots works as a signal alone on the 4 hr charts. I looked backwards into history of the dots and noticed the trend changed and gave some great moves on the 4hr. It would be cool to have an alarm on the 4hr dots! Great trades so far and I can't wait for the future! Thank you so much. "
Brandi Lynch - United States

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